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Best Travel Accessory Ever: The Hoodie Pillow

BFF vacations are the best. Here's where to go! 6 Photos Ive never been able to bring myself to buy one of those inflatable neck pillow, mostly because they look so dorky (Im sorry, Im shallow), but man do I ever regret that decision whenever I have a long flight theres nothing like starting a vacation with severe neck pain! I think Ive finally found a solution to my troubles: the hoodie travel pillow. Its an inflatable travel pillow covered in soft sweatshirt fabric, with a hood you can pull over your head for extra comfort and privacy. Hoodie pillows are available in black, gray, and red, and you can get your own for just $20 on Amazon .

Makers of Best Hoodie Ever Made Launch Men's T-Shirts

Now, the company has launched some new merch: three styles of t-shirts (crew, v-neck, pocket), in 11 colors. The fabric is "100% 4.8 oz ring-spun jersey knit/cotton picked, ginned, yarned, knitted, dyed and finished in the US," according to an American Giant spokeswoman. They're $24.50 each, or 3 or $20 each. We expect the tees to be just as covetable as the company's hoodie.

How the Internet Is Bankrolling the World?s Best Hoodies ? And Rebooting toko jaket jepang online keren U.S. Manufacturing

Part of the problem is simply the expense of Bay Area real estate. But its also because of the age of a lot of people working in that business, he says. Many of those skilled workers are immigrants whose children follow a time-honored American path of upward mobility, so you dont have that refresh occurring. Hints of that dynamic are already on display at the Brisbane factory where American Giants hoodies are made. Many workers are first-generation immigrants from China. Most of the women on the joband they all seem to be womenlook to be middle-aged. Rolling bins are stacked high with navy, black and heather grey fabric cut into the pieces the garment makers will stitch into hoodies in an elaborate 20-step process that takes time and skill.

Best Hoodies For the Gym

You can bundle up in one at home, use it as an extra layer during an outdoor workout, or cover up in one after leaving a yoga class. With so many practical uses, hoodies are perfect for Fall; let's be real, you can never have or give! too many of them! Additional reporting by Emily Bibb

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