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Male Gaze: The Face Of A ?man Who Cares?

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Inspired by showgirls, the avant-garde label layered flashy and sparkly pieces over menswear-inspired suiting for a fresh take on masculine-meets-feminine dressing. Alone, it could easily be worn onstage by an over-the-top performer.

But nationwide the relationship between female representation and female campaign contributions is murkier. As women make record gains in Congress, they?ve barely budged on the gender gap in campaign donations, according to a recent study from the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics. In 1990, there were 31 women in Congress, and women made up 22 percent of campaign contributions over $200. Now there are 101 women on the Hill, and women still only account for 25 percent of donations.  Few will be jaket anime surprised that women donate most consistently and most influentially to congressional Democrats ? making up almost half of the donations to women like Tammy Baldwin, Claire McCaskill, and Elizabeth Warren.

The Cut Male Gaze: The Face of a ?Man Who Cares? By Tweet Stumble Upon Happy Friday! To close off the week with a generous serving of dapper men, we present to you a sneak peek of Florsheim's fall campaign, titled "The Man Who Cares," starring Fohr Card founder James Nord and his talented friends.

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