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Two Tone Hairstyle, Kawaii Teddy Bears & Resale Fashion In Harajuku

J-FLEECE Toko Jaket Online Terbesar di Indonesia

Founded by Japanese j-fleece dentist Taro Hanabusa, Fangophilia creates one-of-a-kind teeth and silver accessories custom molded to the wearer?s body.   Behind-the-scenes photoshoot video and interview with creator Taro Hanabusa coming soon.

As always, most of Minori?s items are either vintage or ?remake? (in japan, that mean she bought them and modified/customized them). Find Minori on Twitter , Facebook , or visit her official website for more info.

Hana is wearing a resale teddy bear-print top with resale red & blue striped pants, lace ruffle socks, and Converse sneakers with ribbon ties. Accessories include a cute Milklim headband, several MAMEDENQ buttons, a Swimmer playing card suits tote bag (with a teddy bear & bow), and a super kawaii backpack with a giant fuzzy heart and teddy bear (and Swimmer button).

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