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Adderall, Vicodin And Xanax May Sue Kitson Over Brian Lichtenberg-designed Jerseys

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Image: Shopkitson.com Following criticism from the organization DrugFree.org, TMZ reports that the makers of Xanax are considering legal action against the clothing store Kitson for carrying a collection of Brian Lichtenberg-designed jerseys printed with the words Xanax, Adderall and Vicodin.  Lichtenberg is known for his brand parodies (his most famous item might be the sweatshirt printed with the word "Homie," in an approximation of the Hermès logo), a growing trend in streetwear. A growing number of young designers have been incorporating elements of luxury iconography in their work, testing the boundaries of copyright. (WWD posted an in-depth feature about the trademark issues earlier this week.) The designer released a statement through Kitson's Facebook page following accusations that the shirts glamorize drug use (below). His office could not be reached by phone today.  Image: Facebook / Shop Kitson

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